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Alesis DM Lite Electonic Drum Kit

Product Code: 103671
Brand: Alesis
Condition: New
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The Alesis DM Lite Drum Kit is a dynamic and fun kit that has been designed with the needs of both beginning drummers and seasoned drummers in mind. The kit features 4 LED drum pads and 3 LED cymbals that illuminate when struck, providing a quick visual reference whilst playing. The pads and cymbals are designed to be as quiet as possible - making them very neighbour friendly! The kit also features a low-noise, dynamic Piezo kick drum pedal trigger.

The onboard drum module features a variety of premium sounds, as well as “Learning Mode” and “Play Along” functions.

The “Learning Mode” function is geared towards improving playing technique and timing skills, by allowing drummers to follow patterns on the illuminated cymbals.

The “Play Along” function provides fun pre-loaded tracks to jam along with.

To make things much simpler, the entire kit comes fully assembled on a height-adjustable, foldable 4-post rack. You need not worry about having to accommodate a fully setup kit if you are struggling for space as it can be tucked away discreetly following use. Better still, it can be folded down without needing to connect and disconnect any cables or remove any pads.

For a well built, compact and affordable drum kit that is not only fun to play but can also improve playing skills and technique, the Alesis DM Lite Drum Kit is the perfect choice.


Model DM Lite Drum Kit
Connectivity 1/4" main left and right outputs 
1/8" stereo headphone output 
1/8" aux input 
Trigger cable snake connector 
USB 2.0 MIDI port 
Power supply input
Included DM Lite Drum Sound Module with Power Supply 
7.5" Blue LED Illuminated Round Drum Trigger Pads (Snare (x1) + Toms (x3)) 
10" Blue LED Illuminated Triangular Cymbal Trigger Pads (Hi Hat (x1) + Crash (x1) + Ride (x1)) 
Hi-Hat Controller Pedal (Provides Momentary Open/Closed Operation) 
Kick Drum Trigger Pedal (Velocity-Sensitive Internally Mounted Dynamic Piezo Sensor) 
Preassembled 4-Post Rack with All Mounting Hardware 
Convenient Cable Snake and Required Cables 
Assembly Guide 
User Guide 
Safety & Warranty Manual
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