Guitar Setups & Repairs.

At Music Matters we believe that no matter how much or little you have paid for your guitar, there is no excuse for your guitar to be hard to play.

With so many guitars in circulation via the likes of Ebay and many other internet outlets we sometimes get a little disappointed by the quality of its action and tone and maybe think that our little bargain was perhaps a waste of money, but in most cases a lot of these issues can be resolved by just a little time and money spent on getting your guitar set up.

Music Matters offers a complete guitar setup and repair service at all levels to suit all pockets.

With a basic string change and setup costing as little as £15 plus guitar strings.


Service & Re-String.

From £25 plus Strings.

* Clean, degrease and lemon oil fretboard
* Clean and polish guitar
* (Electric) Clean and lubricate control pots and jack sockets
* Polish frets
* Re-string guitar to gauge string of choice.


Service & full setup.

£49 plus strings.

* As above plus..
* Truss rod adjustment tension
* Optimise top nut - re-cut and lubricate as required
* Check fret level
* Bridge/Saddle adjustment as required
* Adjust action to your specification
* Adjust Intonation


Full Service & Fret Dressing

From £75 plus strings.

* Service & setup as above plus.
* Level frets to uniform height
* Polish fret crown (3-stage process)
* Fret end dressing as required

Please allow 3-4 days for our full service and fret dress. 

To book your guitar in or to discuss your specific requirements and free quotes please call on 01622 755600